The culinary talent show launched in Mexico in 2019 through Space will now add versions in Chile and Brazil through Space and Chilevisión.

In October 2019 (when it was still operating as Turner), WarnerMedia launched its original culinary reality show Parrilleros in Mexico.

It was produced for local network Space and was aimed at finding the best grill master in the country.

And now, WarnerMedia itself has announced two new versions of the format in Latin America, one in Chile and one in Brazil.

In Chile it will be called Parrilleros and will air weekly by Space and Chilevisión. It will be led by chefs Sergi Arola, Tomás Olivera, Juan Manuel Pena and Bernardo Borgeat.

There will be 12 episodes of 30 minutes that will be seen first by Chilevisión and then by Space.

In Brazil, meanwhile, it will be called Churrasqueiros and it will be seen from October of this year on the local signal of Space. It will be produced by Chango and will have six episodes.

Parrilleros is one of the two formats currently adapting in Latin America focused on cooking through the grill. The other is Grillmaster, from Sony Pictures Television, adapted in Uruguay by Teledoce as Fuego sagrado.