The platform is launching its platform of original titles created by local YouTubers, with channels like Porta dos Fundos, Whindersson Nunes, Desimpedidos or Nathalia Arcuri.

During the YouTube Brandcast, event hosted this Tuesday in Sao Paulo, the online video giant announced the arrival of YouTube Originals in Brazil.

The Google platform revealed its Originals will be available for free with advertising and new episodes will premiere weekly.

Users can also sign up for YouTube Premium to watch the shows with no ads, which also offers exclusive content about the shows and the option to watch entire seasons at once.

The first contents to premiere will be six series and reality shows, created by Brazilian YouTubers:

Whindersson Nunes – Próxima parada: one of Brazil’s most famous YouTubers will travel the world to “explore the local culture with national and international friends and celebrities.”

O novo Futuro Ex-Ator do Porta: a reality show developed by the Porta dos Fundos (Viacom) team, which will search for a new comedian to join the group.

Fred Be a Pro: producedby Desimpedidos, the series will follow Fred, one of the channel’s hosts, and his childhood dream of being a professional football player.

One Billion Women Tour: Nathalia Arcuri from MePoupe, the channel that specializes in personal finances and investment, will interview the world’s most successful female entrepreneurs, whose fortunes all together add up to more than a billion dollars.

Manual do Mundo: YouTuber Iberê Thenorio, from Manual do Mundo, will take on “giant experiments in public places like streets, parks and stadiums, focusing on visually stunning results and audience participation.”

A documentary about street sports: producer Los Bragas will develop a series of videos that talk about extreme sports. It will explore the lives and difficulties of female athletes, including Karen Jonz.