The Korean network and producer has set its sights on growing in Latam and investng heavily in dubbing its vast library of succesful dramas to do it

During the pandemic, CJ ENM dubbed ten more of their highly succesful dramas to Spanish, looking forward for an opportunity like Content Americas 2023 to showcase the K-dramas to Latam buyers.

“This is our first Latam market after the pandemic and we are very excited to be here,” said Diane Min, Head of Content Sales at CJ EMN. “During the pandemic we dubbed more than ten dramas in Spanish, so in this market we have around 30 dramas available in Spanish dubbing.”

One of the main titles dubbed to Spanish is Hotel Del Luna, a 2019 fantasy series that follows and inmortal woman, cursed with protecting a place that eventually becomes a hotel. The series mixes drama, fantasy and romance, with a lot of surprising events taking place in Hotel Del Luna.

“It’s an all-time favorite K-drama, and we are very happy present it to the Latin markets,” added Min.

CJ ENM’s goal is clear: to bring more K-dramas -their output, with 14 cable networks and one OTT in Korea, is of more than 30 dramas produced per year- to the Latin audiences: “We would like to expand more in Latam so I’m meeting a lot of TV buyers and we are also looking forward to meet with local and regional OTTs,” explains the executive.

“We have a plan to dub more dramas and we would love to meet more audiences in 2023,” she added.