The US Academy of Television Arts and Sciences confirmed that the Emmys will be delivered on September 20 as scheduled and revealed new rules for nominations.

On September 20, the Emmys will become the first award ceremony in the Covid-19 era.

The US Academy of Arts and Sciences of the Television confirmed that the gala will be carried out as planned, with comedian and presenter Jimmy Kimmel as host.

“I don’t know where we will do it or how, and even why we do it, but we are doing it and I will be the host,” Kimmel joked.

The creative and artistic Emmy, held one week before the main ones, will instead take place virtually.

In addition to confirming the Emmy celebration, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences revealed new rules for nominations.

The most notable is that the Drama and Comedy nominations will now have eight candidates.

This increases the amount by one, after 2015 when it went from six to seven.

For the rest of the categories, the number of candidates will vary according to the number of applications submitted.

Thus, if between 1 and 19 applications are received, there will be between 0 and four nominees; Between 20 and 80 applications will be five nominated; between 81 and 160 there will be six; between 161 and 240 there will be seven; and more than 240 will be eight.

This year’s nominations will be announced on July 28, two weeks later than usual, to allow time for networks and platforms to present their candidacies and premiere series that had to be postponed due to the pandemic.