The CEO of the production and distribution company shared with ttvnews from Los Angeles his current vision of the entertainment industry, and his plans for international production and distribution.

Following the successful launch of Ringo. Gloria y Muerte by Disney+ last March, EO Media Distribution was present in Los Angeles for a new edition of LA Screenings Independents with great expectations for its catalog in the international market.

“Los Angeles is my favorite market because we are in the place where the movies we have seen all our lives are born,” Ezequiel Olzanski, CEO of EO Media Distribution, told ttvnews.

“We come from the launch of Ringo, which is a project that we carried out for a long time of development and production, and having had such a launch, in this context of the industry, with a huge event in Luna Park, which was quite a challenge of marketing to the people at Disney, it was amazing,” he added.

Produced by Pampa Films/Gloriamundi Producciones, Primo Content, EO Media and Story Lab, the series premiered on the streaming platform on March 24 and follows the story of Argentine boxing champion Oscar “Ringo” Bonavena.

“The show was launched and is global and has received excellent feedback for the quality of the series. We aim to make high-quality projects, to show that in Latin America we can make a project that looks Hollywood”, explained the executive.

In this sense, EO Media’s production plans are ambitious, with “several developments in different Latin American territories, and with projects in Europe and the US,” he revealed.

But, as the CEO explained, in an industry that continues to find its “new normal” after the pandemic, producers and distributors must carefully devise their strategies: “The moment for the industry is not the best. It is quite particular, where you have to exercise patience and understand which projects to focus on, which will be fewer, and know when to hold and wait with projects that today would receive a “no”, waiting for the ideal moment to present them”.

“In distribution, you must be very respectful of the current situation and the smartest thing you can do is to try to see how to give the client the content that will work for them: you have to help the player to be efficient.”

“The selection of movies or series that are going to yield them. That’s what a good partner should do. We have been able to close pan-regional agreements, agreements with Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Chile. Always understanding the role of partner: you have to make agreements that serve both parties. It’s the best way to build.”

And when it comes to alliances, nothing better than a face-to-face meeting. “We have to sit permanently with the platforms because part of the exercise is to understand the context and the needs of the other. Meetings are the best thing that can happen to be on the same line and build co-production agreements from there. Moving between both parties allows us to be strategic and intelligent, to understand what is happening and to be proactive in that real universe in which we are living”.

“I always have a positive outlook. Moments like these have happened on different occasions; cycles of ecosystem change. We come from a radical change, with the launch of a new window at a general level. We went from one or two platforms, to all of them”.