The app will launch in the country for US$ 13.99 a month, offering access to over 500 titles available on demand and the content of the international Globo channel.

Series, limited series, telenovelas, original productions, hits of the Brazilian cinema, children’s shows, music, local content and everything else new in the world. Everything at the hit of the Play button.

Starting this Sunday, January 19th, the audience will be able to stream the Globoplay programming in the United States, whenever and wherever they want, with more flexibility for the consumption of the vast programming of Globo and over 500 titles available on demand and the content of the international Globo channel.

The app will be available for download via App Store, Google Play, on Samsung TVs and through Android TV, Apple TV 4K or Chromecast. The price of the subscription will be USD 13.99/month.

Globoplay starts its international expansion while this sector is heating up all over the world. As the biggest streaming platform in Brazil, the OTT became operational in the country in 2015, with about 22 million users per month, offering free and exclusive content for subscribers.

“The arrival of Globoplay in the American market is an important step for our expansion and digital view, focused on the direct relationship with the consumer. It is a step that will enrich even more the experience of the audience that follows Globo for twenty years in the country”, states Raphael Corrêa Netto, director of International Business at Globo.

“The on-demand and streaming access to the platform enables us to increase the content offer and provide more freedom of choice to our audience. We want to be closer to our viewers and follow them wherever they are”, he adds.

With this launch, the content of Globoplay can be accessed in the United States through multiple devices. Within its vast content, the platform makes available great productions that Globo showcases next week during the 2020 NAPTE, such as the telenovela ‘Sweet Diva’, ‘Second Call’, a co-production between Globo and O2 Filmes that portrays the power of education to transform lives; and ‘Aruanas’, a Globoplay original, co-produced by Globo and Maria Farinha Filmes, freely inspired by true events, approaching an extremely relevant topic: the preservation of the Amazon rainforest and its local communities.

Another highlight of the original Globoplay productions is the series ‘Iron Island’, a story that mixes action, drama, adventure and romance, about a group of workers in the oil and gas industry at PL-137, a production platform which is part of a fictitious oil exploration company, that is more like a pressure cooker. Launched a month ago, the limited series ‘Hebe’* celebrates the life and work of one of the most important characters in Brazilian television, and it will also be available. The selection of original titles also contains ‘It’s a Match’, ‘Eu, a Vó e a Boi’* and ‘Harassment’, among others.

The audience will also be able to watch the currently broadcast telenovelas – besides ‘Amor de Mãe’*, ‘A Life Worth Living’ and ‘Éramos Seis’ – with the options “catch up” and “digital first” for productions that premiered on the platform even before they were shown on TV. Also, they will be able to review classics of the catalog, such as ‘Brazil Avenue’, the most licensed work by Globo abroad. ‘Faustão Sunday Show’, ‘Mais Você’* and ‘Fantástico’* will also be available, such as the main news about Brazil and the world, through the Globo news shows.

Besides ‘Jornal Nacional’* and the other news shows of the channel, the audience will also have access to news shows of different regions in Brazil. Also available, we have the shows of GloboNews and ‘Globo Notícia Américas’*, the news show for the Brazilian community in the Americas. Titles of Gloob, the children’s channel by Globo, also arrive to contribute to the experience of Brazilian kids, with hits like ‘Detetives do Prédio Azul’*, ‘Click’*, ‘Valentins’* and ‘Tem Criança na Cozinha’*. Musical shows and a selection of national films complete the offer.

To celebrate the launch of Globoplay in the American market, Globo promotes an event for guests on February 5th, in Miami. The event will be directed by Raoni Carneiro, hosted by the journalist Mila Burns – the host of Globo Notícia Américas*, exclusive show produced by Globo in the Americas – and the actor Lázaro Ramos. The musical attraction will be Thiaguinho, who will have his latest tour, ‘Tardezinha’, transformed into an Original Globoplay documentary series. This month, the platform will already have available another work by the singer – his DVD Vibe.