Envision Entertainment and Nippon TV will co-produce the local adaptation of Japanese series Connected: The Homebound Detective, with Tomorrow Studios, an ITV Studios partnership.

The Homebound Detective, the successful Japanese crime format produced by global content firm Envision Entertainment and Japanese broadcaster Nippon TV, has been optioned for adaption in the US market by Tomorrow Studios, an ITV Studios partnership.

Envision Entertainment and Nippon TV will co-produce the series with Tomorrow Studios.

Connected: The Homebound Detective follows Ataru Aida, an agoraphobic young man who still lives in his childhood bedroom. When he is unceremoniously fired from his job, he takes his frustrations out on the internet, connecting with online sleuths around the world to expose his idol’s extramarital affair. When the cops come knocking at his door, he thinks he’s gotten himself into a heap of trouble, but instead he’s granted an opportunity to use his genius internet research abilities to help solve crimes. Little does he know his virtual investigations have real life consequences.

In April 2022, Connected was broadcast in Japan to critical acclaim and ratings success, reaching number one on Japanese catch up service TVer, number one on streaming (Hulu Japan) and trending number one on Twitter in Japan (reaching number six worldwide). The format was created by Creative Director Itaru Mizuno for Nippon TV and CEO / founder Michael Nakan for Envision Entertainment.

Michael Nakan said: “We are delighted that Tomorrow Studios has partnered with us to produce the US version of Connected; it confirms my belief that the format has great potential, with its unique global structure. We look forward to launching similar formats with Nippon TV and other global broadcasters in coming years.”

Marty Adelstein, CEO of Tomorrow Studios, added: “Connected is an already successful format that furthers our development slate of compelling storytelling for a global television audience. We’re excited to work with Envision Entertainment and Nippon TV on the U.S. adaptation of this great series.”

Mikiko Nishiyama, Executive Vice President of International Business Development at Nippon TV, commented: “Connected is perfect for today’s world that is defined by hybrid communication styles, and Tomorrow Studios is a wonderful partner in expanding this innovative story with a U.S. version. I cannot wait to work on the development of this English language version with bold ideas from the top creators at USA’s Tomorrow Studios, Japan’s Nippon TV, and the UK’s Envision Entertainment.”