The Spanish group is present at Content Americas with its new telenovela Sueños de Libertad, which arrives to replace the long-running Amar es para siempre after 12 years on air.

*By ttvnews, from Miami, USA

With more than a decade airing on the Atresmedia screen, Amar es para siempre will come to an end in the coming weeks, leaving space for the Spanish group to bet on a new production of the genre for the first time in a long time.

“We are super happy to present a new telenovela from Atresmedia. It has been a long time since we launched a new one,” Miguel García Sanchez, director of International Sales at Atresmedia International Sales, began in a conversation with ttvnews from Content Americas in Miami.

“This is because Amar es para siempre has been on the screen for 12 years, daily with great success. But everything has an end and what we don’t want is to lose that success and track record. That’s why we launched this new telenovela, Sueños de libertad” , added the executive.

As the Sales Director explained, the new telenovela is about a woman with a little girl who lives in a toxic marriage, a relationship that becomes even more complicated with the arrival of the husband’s brother, who will also try to inherit the family business. “A conflict is generated between both parties over something as common as an inheritance, a theme that we know works very well in telenovelas,” said the executive.

“We have also added a touch of love, betrayal, passion, since the protagonist ends up being attracted to her brother, as well as action, because she tries to escape from that marriage. We believe that it has all the ingredients to succeed, we are sure of it,” he summarized.

Sueños de libertad will be released in the coming weeks, after the end of Amar es para siempre. It will be at the end of February or beginning of March, in the same time slot. “It is the best space we have for it. We hope it lasts as many years as its predecessor,” said García Sanchez. “The first batch of production is already 70 episodes, with a second already in pre-production of the same number.”

In addition to Sueños de Libertad, the group is presenting its successful premium series, such as Camilo Superstar, Vestidas de azul, Dejate Ver and Zorras.