The Sales Director spoke with ttvnews at Content Americas about the varied catalog of blockbusters that they are presenting to the international market.

*By ttvnews, from Miami, USA

Armed with highly successful film titles in all genres, Ledafilms is present in Miami for a new edition of Content Americas, a “positive” market from which they hope to leave with several agreements.

“I am very happy with this year’s Content Americas event. Many events and a very nice work spirit,” Moira McNamara, Sales Director of Ledafilms, began in a conversation with ttvnews.

“You can feel that there is positivity, there is industry. It is a market that will surely be super positive,” she added.

Regarding the titles they are presenting, the executive highlighted new features in all genres and for all audiences.

“We are bringing films like Ataque en Madrid, very good; The Hunted, a thriller starring a woman; the anime Match Express; family films like Back to the Dinosaurs; and action films like Summit Fever,” listed the Sales Director.

“They are great titles that begin their tour of theaters in Latin America. We are very happy with the reception and we hope it will be a good market for everyone,” she concluded.