After three consecutive weeks in first place, it was another Spanish series that finally managed to take away Elite’s throne in TV Time’s ranking of the world’s most binged series, thus completing a month of leadership for Spain.

Consecrated as the queen of quarantine, Spanish series Elite enjoyed three consecutive weeks being the leader of TV Time’s ranking of the most binged series worldwide.

But finally, the Netflix original production had to yield the throne to another series and settle for second place in this last week, being that it was Money Heist who took over the first place.

Thus, its fellow Spaniard became the most binged series in the world in this last week, leading the Binge Report with 16.75% of viewings.

NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine remains among the most popular, ranking third, as well as Friends and Grey’s Anatomy, which follow in fourth and fifth place, respectively.

In sixth place ranked Ozark from Netflix, followed by The Walking Dead (amc) and The Office (NBC).

The ranking is completed by Vikings (History) and the classic, How I Met Your Mother by CBS in the last two places.