ViacomCBS International Studios (VIS) announced an agreement with Nickelodeon for the Dani Who? Format, which will be adapted for the US.

ViacomCBS International Studios (VIS) announced on Tuesday an agreement with Nickelodeon for the adaptation rights to the science fiction thriller Dani Who ?, with the aim of adapting the series into a podcast and a television series intended for US audiences.

“Dani Who? is an excellent sample of the capabilities of our studio. It is original and versatile content that can be adapted in different ways and for different markets,” said Federico Cuervo, SVP & Head of VIS.

“Dani Who? managed to become a true phenomenon in Latin America, and we are very proud that this success can explore new formats to conquer the youth audience in the United States,” he added.

Produced in Mexico by VIS and Argos for the Paramount Channel in Latin America, Dani Who? tells the story of a group of teenagers who become inseparable accomplices after the disappearance of a girl in the town of San Gregorio.

Little by little, they discover that they have many things in common and that their stories hide a network of secrets that they never imagined.

It stars Julia Urbini (Dani), Yoshira Escarrega (Tamara), Geraldine Galván (Victoria), Lucía Tinajero (Olivia), Meraqui Pradis (Lorena), Rodrigo Murray (Professor Vulch), Mario Morán (JP), Sergio Lozano (Sam Díaz), Juan Carlos Colombo (Don Miguel), among others.

In addition to the Paramount Channel, it aired in Latin America through Amazon Prime Video.