Olympusat announced the launch in Latin America of its OTT platform, Free TV, which will seek to compete in the AVOD segment.

Olympusat, Inc., a company specialized in Spanish and English-language TV channels, announced that Free TV, the video on demand service supported by AVOD (Advertising Video on Demand), is available in Latin America.

The OTT will be accessible through apps for iOS and Android and internet search engines (freetv.com).

As detailed, the platform has “recognized multicultural productions” from around the world, with between 800 and 1000 hours per month of programming dubbed into Spanish, in addition to 200 hours from Mexico, Spain and the rest of Latin America.

The offering, they added, is divided at a ratio of 30% for movies and 70% series with action, drama, suspense and crime titles.

“It is exciting to offer Free TV in South America and Mexico, as the first of other future releases that will position the brand globally,” said Tom Mohler, CEO of Olympusat.

“We hope to entertain the audience who have discovered the increasing value of being able to enjoy free online content, which encompasses a large number of titles, to which new ones will continue to be added in the coming months,” he added.

Some of the original productions available on Free TV are:

La francotiradora: The action story about the most successful sniper known to society in recent times.

El gigante de piedra: the imaginary tale of a child who manages to travel thousands of years into the past, thanks to a mysterious portal.

La reina roja: The chronicle of mystery and drama surrounding the experiences of a famous Russian model, known as the Kremlin’s lethal weapon.