Filmed in multiple locations in different cities of Buenos Aires, the original series is a Viacom International Studios production for the platform.

Paramount+ announced the end of filming for Medusa, the new original series developed and produced by VIS, Paramount’s international studio.

The series, which joins the wide range of content offered by Paramount+, is directed by Jazmín Stuart, written by Martín Mendez and Bruno Luciani and starring Soledad Villamil, Candela Vetrano, along with Violeta Urtizberea, Gastón Dalmau, Joaquín Ferreira, María Abadi, Martin Slipak, Moro Anghileri, María Canale, Florencia Dyszel, Juan Cané, Facundo Espinosa, Mora Peretti, Félix Santamaría, Francisco Donovan, Valentino Petrelli and Johanna Chiefo, and with the special participation of Gabriel Goity and Fabian Arenillas.

Medusa tells the story of a group of friends who are going to spend a weekend at a spa in the sea; but, a few hours after arriving, the youngest of the group turns up dead. The prosecutor of the case must retrace the deep labyrinth of clues in each character and her links with the group of friends to discover the real person responsible for the act.

The filming of this police thriller that combines elements of suspense began in early February and included different locations in different cities of Buenos Aires.