This Tuesday, December 8 marked the start of TTV+Live: The Future of TV Content, the new digital event organized by TTV Media Group, as part of the launch of its new B2B: TTV+ platform.

TTV+Live: The Future of TV Content, the new digital event organized by TTV Media Group as part of the launch of the new B2B: TTV+ platform, began this past Tuesday, December 8, and is taking place through December 18 on the platform.

It will feature more than 20 panels, keynotes and conferences for 10 days by more than 40 renowned speakers from the TV industry.

The list includes top personalities such as Kate del Castillo, Juan José Campanella, Natalia Scalia, Fernando Barbosa, Sonia Martínez, Maarten Meijs, Javier Pons, Carlos Bardasano, Fidela Navarro, Fredrik af Malmborg, Jimmy Arteaga and Ates Ince, among others.

Registration can be done quickly and free of charge through this link and all the information about speakers and agenda can be consulted here.

In addition, both the registration and the event and the platform can be accessed through applications on iOS and Android, already available for download.

Up next, the highlights from the first three days of the event.

Day 1

The event began this Tuesday with two strong panels to debate about the future of production and broadcast TV.

The first panel, Spanish Producers: What Now? featured Sonia Martínez, Editorial Director, Buendía Estudios (Spain); Javier Pons, General Director of Globomedia & Co-head of TV, The Mediapro Studio (Spain); and José Manuel Lorenzo, CEO, DLO Producciones (Spain); and was moderated by Conchi Cascajosa, profesor and researcher for the Carlos III University in Madrid de Madrid and writer specializing in TV fiction (Spain).

The full panel can be accessed here:

Up next was the day’s second panel: Programmers, Keys and Strategies to Continue Leading, which featured Eric Jurgensen, Chief Content Officer, América TV (Peru), Jimmy Arteaga, President of Programming, Wapa TV (Puerto Rico) and José A. Miranda, Director of Programming, Canal 13 (Chile); and was moderated by Sebastián Amoroso, Editorial Director, TTV News.

The full panel can be accessed here:

Day 2

After its powerful start on Tuesday, TTV+Live had its second day this Wednesday, marked by two outstanding panels in which the new role of women in the audiovisual industry and the latest trends in the entertainment world were discussed.

The first panel was titled Women Protagonists in the Audiovisual World and was held by Kate del Castillo and her partners from Cholawood, Carmen Cervantes and Jessica Maldonado. Moderated by Roxana Rotundo, CEO of VIP 2000, the panel served to learn about the company’s latest projects and to discuss the transformation that the industry is experiencing around female empowerment.

The completed panel can be viewed here:

The second panel featured renowned executive Maarten Meijs, president of Global Entertainment at ITV Studios (UK), who conducted a Q&A session about the company’s present, the ups and downs of the pandemic and the latest trends in entertainment.

The complete panel can be viewed here:

Day 3

The panel of the event’s third day, entitled Drivers of Innovation to Create Fiction Content, featured Carlos Bardasano, president of W Studios at Televisa; Carlos Fueyo, VFX artist and director (Super 8, Avengers); Joel Novoa, director / writer (Arrow, Days of Reckoning UK, The Nanny and Slave of God); and Felipe Pimiento, Magnus Media; and was moderated by Marlon Quintero, CEO of CIC Media & Innovation.

The panel focused on the contribution of views from the perspective of the product, business and technology.

The full panel can be viewed here: