TV Azteca International announced the sale of more than 68 hours of content to Ten Time, the most important OTT platform of the Middle East.

This Wednesday, TV Azteca International announced a deal with Ten Time Limited, which acquired a package of 68+ hours of content from the Mexican group, including series like Nothing Personal, Two Lakes and El César.

“Having the chance to collaborate with Time Time, the most important OTT in the Middle East, is greatly satisfying for TV Azteca,” said Berta Orozco, Sales representative for Spain, Africa, Asia and French-speaking territories.

“This alliance allows us to take our premium content to viewers in this territory that’s strategic for us. El Cesar, Two Lakes, Demencia, Nothing Personal can be enjoyed now in Aeabic, Farsi and Kurdo.”

“At TV Azteca we are very happy to have closed this deal with Ten Time for the Middle East and North Africa region for the sale of our series, and thus strengthen our presence in the African territory with super productions of the highest quality,” added Dulce Ávila, Sales Manager at TV Azteca.

The series included in the deal are:

Demencia: A trapped woman, who fights against everything only to realize that the biggest battle is against her own dementia.

Nothing Personal: Due to a chance, Mariana Aragón witnesses the murder of two young journalists, which puts her in the middle of a conspiracy she never imagined and where a criminal organization makes her guilty and addicted.

El César: The Champion who wanted to knock out the world, but fell prey to addictions and power traps. In order to emerge again, he had to descend to hell.

Two Lakes: It is the story of three families that inhabit the same house, but at three different historical moments: 1944, 1975 and 2015. In addition to living in the same house, the three families “share” a chilling presence.