Parrot Analytics new analysis indicates that in the two days prior to the second season premiere of Narcos: Mexico, the demand for the show was 40% higher than the first season and an impressive 39 times higher than in the lead up to the premiere of the original series.

One of Netflix’s first major success stories for a Hispanic production, Narcos managed to draw in more viewers in the US with each new season, and it seems as if the second season of Narcos: Mexico will be no exception.

In the lead up to the new season premiere, Parrot Analytics has found that US demand was higher than that ahead of any previous season of the franchise, including the previous season of Narcos: Mexico, as well as the three seasons of Narcos.

According to the company’s Time-Shift analysis, two days ahead of its debut, the US demand for Narcos: Mexico was 40% higher than the demand two days before the Narcos: Mexico season one release.

In addition, the demand was 4.8 times higher than the demand on the same period before the Narcos season 3 release and 5.04 times higher than before season 2.

Perhaps most impressive of all, Parrot Analytics found that the demand for the new season was 39 times higher than it was in the two days prior to the premiere of the original season of Narcos.

Narcos: Mexico is a Netflix original series produced in Mexico and the US, originally designed to be the fourth season of its Colombian production Narcos, but ultimately turned into its own independent series.

The second season premiered this Thursday, February 13.