The new crime series from the Star Original Productions label will be made in Mexico by BTF Media and will hit the platform in 2023.

Star+ announced today that it is already filming El Mantequilla, a new crime series from the Star Original Productions label about a con man who assumes multiple personalities to carry out an elaborate plan to vindicate an old injustice of which affected his mother.

Made in Mexico by BTF Media, the new production stars Alberto Guerra (Emiliano Escamilla), Mayra Batalla (Elena Robles), Rafael Sánchez Navarro (General Cuauhtémoc Robles) and Iván Aragón (Pablo Garduño).

It will premiere on Star+ in 2023.

El Mantequilla tells the story of Emiliano Escamilla who, motivated to avenge an old injustice, will use his skills for disguise and fraud, with the aim of recovering the treasures that until now were believed lost from El Mantequilla, the most famous swindler in Mexico. To achieve this, Emiliano will assume different identities according to the needs of the moment, using different outfits, accents and attitudes to achieve his mission and at the same time escape from the clutches of a rookie police detective and a hungry reporter, willing to unmask his plan at any price.

With filming planned until mid-September in different locations in Mexico City, Hidalgo, Tequesquitengo and Cuernavaca, El Mantequilla is made up of eight 45-minute episodes and, with the 1980s as a temporary setting, combines black humor, action and drama to present a story rich in suspense and with intriguing plot twists. Throughout the chapters, the audience will connect with the central character, embarking with him on a fun game of cat and mouse.

The cast of the series is completed by Alejandro Calva (Botello), Eligio Meléndez (Beto Benavídez), Hernán Mendoza (Mantequilla), Enrique Arreola (Camacho), Carmen Beato (Margarita) and Abril Schreiber (Tatiana). Felipe Martínez Amador is the showrunner and director of El Mantequilla together with Javier Solar. The series is written by Martínez Amador, Olfa Masmoudi and Ingrid de Lassé.

This original series is part of the robust offer of Star+ productions entirely developed in the region and aligned with the commitment assumed by The Walt Disney Company Latin America to produce locally relevant content for its streaming services in alliance with production houses in the region and local talent.