Netflix announced the opening of an office in Bogota to increase its local presence in Colombia.

Netflix hosted different press conferences in the last hours across its international territories, with announcements of new projects in Spain, Brazil and now Colombia.

As for Colombia, the big announcement was the opening of local headquarters in Bogotá.

“Today we are excited to take the next step: a new home in Colombia. This year we will open our office in Bogotá, which will allow us to be even closer to the creative community and our members, bringing Colombian stories to millions of homes around the world and for everyone to discover the incredible potential, talent, landscapes and culture of this country”, they highlighted.

Along with the opening of the office, the OTT platform said that between 2021 and 2022, it will produce up to 30 new series, films, documentaries and specials in Colombia.

The announcement includes titles such as the previously announced Ritmo salvaje, Locombianos, Juanpis, Nada es igual de Lokillo Flórez, un talk show protagonizado por Alejandra Azcárate, Goles en contra, Pálpito, Perfil falso, Diomedes and the second season of Chichipatos.

“These titles are part of the local investment of more than 175 million dollars that we have invested from 2014 to this year,” they highlighted.

Colombia has been one of Netflix’s most active territories in Latin America, with local productions such as Siempre Bruja, Distrito salvaje, Chichipatos, Frontera verde and El robo del siglo; comedy specials featuring Liss Pereira, Ricardo Quevedo, Antonio Sanint, Julian Arango, Alejandro Riaño; and movies like Lavaperros.