Mipcom: Latin America and Spain Draw the Attention of the International Market

The announcements, presentations, galas and keynotes continued at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes at the close of the second day of the event, highlighting the significant number of announcements linked to the Latin American and Spanish markets, and the evening cocktail from Madd Entertainment, littered with announcements of major deals.

*By ttvnews, from Cannes, France

The market continues at a good pace in Cannes. Indeed, the event that’s taking place at the Palais des Festivals until next Thursday, October 19, closed a new day with great prominence on the part of companies from Latin America and Spain.

Latin America and Spain take center stage

In this context, Globo presented the new title The Others, premiering its first episode during this second day. The series, which is already producing its second season, hopes to have an excellent international reception.

From Spain, several activities and recognitions stand out on this second day.

Early in the morning, the Spain Brand New Content organized by Audiovisual From Spain, the country brand umbrella sponsored by ICEX, took place. The meeting served to focus on the sales of Spanish content by the main distributors of the Spanish delegation.

Regarding the conference program, the talk titled A Bridge across the Atlantic at the Seaview Producers Hub also stood out. In this case, the talk revolved around the globalization of content that has been greatly enhanced by platforms, the bridge of reciprocal connection between Europe and America in terms of creativity, talent and resources that offers numerous opportunities and challenges. All this through the experience of Sara Fernández-Velasco, CEO of iZen, and Camila Jiménez-Villa, Co-founder and CEO of The Immigrant.

In addition, The Mediapro Studio presented in Cannes the company’s main bets to advance its international consolidation during the Media Mastermind Keynote offered by Laura Fernandez Espeso, CEO of The Mediapro Studio. Productions in Latin America and Spain stand out, as well as the beginning of filming of the third season of The Head.

Finally, and also in relation to Spain, the presentation of the television adaptation of Cicatriz, the best seller by Juan Gómez-Jurado, took place. Produced by Plano a Plano and Dopamine, in collaboration with Asacha Media Group, this new international thriller has a script by Pablo Roa and Fernando Sancristóbal, responsible for great hits such as La casa de papel, and Verónica Marza.

Meanwhile, Dutch production and distribution company Talpa Studios announced the adaptation of its new show through Flooxer, Atresmedia’s AVOD platform for the Spanish market. This is Hunting Season. The program is still in the pre-production stage and its name in Spanish has not yet been defined, but with this new announcement, the company demonstrates to what extent the Hispanic markets are at the center of the strategy.

“In Latin America on the other hand, we intend to enter with force. We have had a lot of success through other formats in the past, and now we want to collaborate again with local production companies that allow us to adapt our main non-scripted formats, which is what we specialize in,” said Maarten Meijs, CEO of Talpa Studios.

Moreover, the winners of the seventh edition of the Mipcom Cannes Diversify TV Awards were announced today, the only industry awards that defend and promote diversity and inclusion in television internationally. Among the 8 winners, Las Noches de Tefía appears here, in the LGBTQIA+ representation category, the series produced by Buendía Estudios for ATRESPlayer.

Additionally, Banijay launched a new global accelerator program, designed to exclusively support female creators of promising non-fiction formats. Unveiled at a prestigious breakfast in Cannes, Banijay Launch is aimed at discovering and incubating undeveloped talent, to support the next generation of international franchise creators.

Regarding the distribution announcements, several new features that have been announced during this new Mipcom event stand out.

Cineflix Rights announced the closing of multiple agreements with streaming platforms and international broadcasters for the launch of new series and seasons as part of the line up of factual content at Mipcom. Sales include agreements with Buenviaje and RTVE in Spain, and Hola TV for Latin America and the US Hispanic.

Turkish distributors with a significant number of new products for the international market

The Turkish companies continue on this second day offering several new features: Madd Entertainment announced a new sales record for The Family, which has just started its second season and is already present in more than 80 markets, including MENA, US Hispanic and Puerto Rico, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Israel, Romania, Slovenia, Macedonia and Montenegro, Honduras, Bulgaria, Hungary, Albania, CIS countries and HBO Max Latam.

Nippon TV announced that it has granted Medyapim the Arabic language adaptation rights to its successful scripted formats Mother and Woman – My Life for My Children, which are intended to be produced for MBC, the largest and leading media company in the Middle East and North Africa.

Turkish distributor Mistco shared its latest news, including recent and upcoming releases of titles such as Bahar and Secrets of an Angel, as well as the extension of its agreement with TRT. These titles are part of Mistco’s powerful catalog for Mipcom, which includes, among others, the new summer series Come What May, My Lovely Family and The Joy of My Life.

In addition, Inter Medya presented The Ivy, which was the center of attention for the press and guests at the special event where it had its European premiere.

Another of the announcements of the day has to do with the series Golden Boy by Eccho Rights, which will have its premiere in Latin America on HBO Max. The series will premiere under the local titles El Chico de Oro (Spanish) and O Canto do Pássaro (Portuguese), during 2024.

The Turkish distributor Calinos Entertainment shared during this second day of Mipcom that the series Forbidden Fruit broke the historical record of 499 episodes during its six seasons, already broadcast in several Latin American countries such as Panama, Peru, Paraguay.

Duda Rodrigues, International Sales Director of Calinos for Latin America, commented that the series is still broadcast on Chilevisión where it is a ratings hit at six in the afternoon, and maintains very high ratings in Puerto Rico, with Wapa, with 56% share.

And ATV shared that the series Safir, the most recent drama on the ATV channel in Turkey, has reached 5.3 audience points and a 15.5% share in prime time, which is one of the better audience measurements for the Turkish market and a clear preview of what this can represent in international sales.

At the end of the day, the social gatherings organized, among others, by Catalan Films at its stand inside the Palais des Festivals, the cocktail organized by Madd and its novelties for this market at the Barriere Le Majestic hotel, among others, stood out.

Madd Entertainment shone during the night with huge announcements

The Turkish distributor Madd Entertainment closed Tuesday night with a cocktail full of news, in which it announced agreements of enormous importance, including the announcement of its partnership with Globo that will allow Ay Yapim to make the first international adaptation of Avenida Brasil.

In addition to this announcement, Madd, made up of the production companies MadYapim and Ay Yapim among others, announced multiple agreements with Paramount Cono Sur, for a significant number of titles; and others with Secuoya Studios, The Mediapro Studios and one with Cris Morena, who will make Madd the distributor of the Margarita series.