Mipcom Returns Back to Form in 2023

After difficult years marked by the 2020 pandemic, the French event showed in 2023 much of what makes it a must for the industry, with excellent numbers, great dynamics of meetings, announcements of agreements and new content, and a huge role played by Iberoamerican companies.

*by ttvnews, from Cannes, France

Perhaps it is not a complete return to its absolute best years, but there is no doubt that Mipcom Cannes 2023, an event that culminated this Thursday after four days of activities at Le Palais des Festivals, had its best version of the post-pandemic years.

Regardless of which parameter is used, Mipcom 2023 showed a noticeable improvement compared to the last editions.

If we talk about figures, the organization shared that 11,000 attendees from 100 countries and a total of 3,600 buyers were present at Cannes. It is the third consecutive year of growth for those numbers, showing consisten improvement after the pandemic.

“Given the great movement in the stands, the opinion of opinion leaders on the scene, and the volume of content sales agreements made, it is clear that third-party sales and distribution have returned,” stressed Lucy Smith, director of the event.

If we look at the number of announcements made during the event, we must travel back several years to find this volume and quality, particularly if we give singular weight to announcements related to Latin America and Spain.

In this sense, few companies made more noise at Mipcom than Madd Entertainment, whose event on Tuesday night served to announce five top-notch news, including co-productions, representation agreements and content sales.

Turkish companies, in general, were great animators of Mipcom 2023, whether in the areas of distribution, production or content localization. As examples, Inter Medya presented its series The Ivy, with the protagonists giving a press conference; and Global Agency held its own cocktail party, where it announced the first sales in Latin America of the Arab adaptation of 1001 Nights, as well as presenting Red Roses with actor Ozcan Denis.

There was also an important and prominent presence of Asian companies, with the Chinese delegation at the forefront, thanks to China’s role as Country of Honor of Mipcom 2023.

Other notable announcements included the formation of Hyphenate Media Group, created by Cris Abrego and Eva Longoria; Dedalus, the new production company made up of Cattleya (ITV Studios) and the writers Leonardo Fasoli and Maddalena Ravagli; and the launch of Banijay Launch, a new global accelerator program.

Among the contents that stood out were Zorro, by Secuoya Studios; Máxima, from Beta Films; The Others, from Globo; The Messiah, from HBO; Golden Boy, by Eccho Rights; Scar, Plane to Plane and Dopamine; The Thousand Days of Allende, distributed by Onza; Lost in Love, by OGM Universe; Leylifer of Inter Medya; Safir from ATV Distribution; Secrets of an Angel, by Mistco; and Forbidden Fruit, distributed by Calinos Entertainment; among many others.

In addition to these items, Mipcom 2023 once again demonstrated the enormous interest that exists in all parts of the world in participating in international co-productions, as well as the constant growth of the alternative that is FAST channels.

Regarding the dates of the 40th edition, the organization announced that the event will take place from October 20 to 24, 2024, while Miptv will take place from April 8 to 10 of next year, and will run parallel to the International Festival series, Canneseries.

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